Marta Cicero

I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home that sparks joy!

Marta is  an empathetic, personable and passionate interior designer in the Issaquah, WA area. She was born in Poland (speaks Polish fluently!), grew up in the Northeast and settled into the Seattle area shortly after graduating from college. Marta earned a Chemical Engineering degree from Cornell University and worked in the food product development field at Kraft Foods and Starbucks.

She has always sought creative outlets, whether in her career or in her personal life. After her own divorce she bought a house and renovated and furnished it from start to finish, igniting a passion for design that she has worked hard to supplement with relevant skills, and inspiring her to launch her own interior design company. She now loves to help other newly divorced women or people going through times of transition create beautiful homes that evoke joy and happiness.

Why Marta Cicero Design?

Marta Cicero Design specializes in designing spaces that inspire happiness and joy for women ready to thrive after a major life transition. 
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